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Project Management - "Sample" Deliverables

The following "samples" have been created to provide an illustration of some of the QAIassist Integrated IT Methodology® - Project Management deliverables. They are intended to provide an example of some of the informational requirements that may be incorporated into the specific deliverables. The "sample" deliverables have been prepared for educational purposes only and are intended to provide a better understanding and more knowledge of how the deliverables could be applied - these "sample" deliverables are ficticious in nature (names used in the deliverables do not reflect a specific company or an individual).

To find out more about how a Project Management Methodology could contribute to delivering your products and projects on time within budget or how a Project Management Methodology could act as a basis for implementing organizational governance and quality assurance contact us at : solutions@qaiassist.com

Document Type Title File Type
Sample Business Case Download PDF
Sample Project Charter Download PDF
Sample Available Project Plan
Sample Available Project Roles & Responsibilities
Sample Available Project Deliverables
Sample Available Configuration Management Plan
Sample Available Quality Assurance Plan
Sample Project Procedures Download PDF
Sample Available Risk Definition Form
Sample Available Risk Log
Sample Available Issue Definition
Sample Available Issue Log
Sample Available Change Request
Sample Available Change Log
Sample Project Status Report Download PDF
Sample Available Team Status Report
Sample Available Unit Test Authorization
Sample Available System Integration Test Authorization
Sample User Acceptance Test Authorization Download PDF
Sample Project CloseOut Report Download PDF













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