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Authorized Affiliates

As pioneers of SMB IT Methodology we have an ongoing responsibility to ensure SMB's and QAIassist practitioners have access to the tools, training and expertise they require.

To accomplish this we constantly work toward developing relationship with reputed IT Tools Vendors and Education Providers. Our motivation - to ensure SMB's and QAIassist practitioners have access to the foremost in technology, best practices and industry recognized standards.

Authorized Affiliates - Tool Vendors
We are on an ongoing search to identify industry leading Productivity Tool Vendors to assess their compatibility with our QAIassist SMB IT Methodologies. We assess these tools to ensure there is a fit and seamless integration with our QAIassist products. Only when we are certain that these products are compatible with our QAIassist products and offering do we recognize these tool vendors as "Authorized Affiliates". SMB's and QAIassist practitioners have come to rely on and trust the products and services available through our "Authorized Affiliates". In having access to these productivity tools SMB's and QAIassist practitioners are better able to scale and customize an "IT Methodology" solution that best fits their needs.

Authorized Affiliates - Training Providers
We work with industry leading IT Training Organizations to assist in the delivery of our IT Methodology solutions. There are cases when QAIassist practitioners recognize the client would benefit from more extensive training in addition to the training of the QAIassist product suite. In having access to our Training Affiliates we are able to provide the necessary curriculum and content to ensure the client receives the appropriate training to implement their customized IT Methodology solution.

To find out more about becoming a QAIassist "Authorized Affiliate" or how a QAIassist "Authorized Affiliate" can contribute to addressing your IT Methodology need, please contact us at affiliate@qaiassist.com.

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