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QAIassist - Body of Knowledge (BOK)

As the industry benchmark of SMB IT Methodologies we recognize there is a difference between a product and a solution. A product can stand on its own, a solution is dependent on incorporating the human element.

Although our QAIasist products are commonly viewed as the benchmark in the field of SMB IT Methodologies, we recognize SMB's receive the greatest value when these products are scaled and customized to address their unique and specific needs. This can only be accomplished when qualified and "certified" practitioners apply their expertise to implement the best business solution.

At QAIassist our reputation is earned through both our products and how practitioners are able to optimise them to meet the business need. QAIassist practitioners are only as good as the training they have acquired, the practical experience they have gained, and the ongoing support they have access to - it gets down to "knowledge"

To promote and accommodate this ongoing access to IT Methodology knowledge we work to provide content and a "body of knowledge" (BOK) to SMB's and practitioners. In our effort to enhance the BOK we are constantly preparing and delivering IT Methodology related white papers and blog articles - we are also constantly requested to design and deliver IT Methodology related webinar sessions. We make these white papers, blog articles and webinar sessions available via our network of Authorized Affiliates.

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