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Telephone Access
We believe hearing a voice on the end the telephone makes a difference. We provide our contact number to ensure our clients, our "Affiliates" and the clients of our "Affiliates" have access to experience and support whenever they require it. We can be reached at 613-523-0052 Monday through Friday during our normal business hours between of  (8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. - est). We look forward to fielding your call and responding to your requests.


Email Access
In the event you represent an organization wanting to increase its operational efficiency, competitive advantage or bottom line and would like to obtain further information on how our products and services could benefit you organization, please forward your questions to: solutions@qaiassist.com


Becoming an "Affiliate" or "Authorized Associate"
In the event you would like to obtain more information on becoming a QAIassist "Affiliate", please forward your queries to affiliate@qaiassist.com


In the event you have questions about our web page, its content or functionality, please forward your queries to webmaster@qaiassist.com

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