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Corporate Overview

Pioneering SMB IT Methodologies

As the pioneer of small and mid-sized business (SMB's) IT Methodologies - we continually strive to make IT Methodologies indispensable for SMB's. Our suite of "IT Methodologies" are relied upon by SMB's to assist them in delivering their products, services and operational performance. Our "IT Methodology Body of Knowledge" is used as the basis for "certifying" qualified practitioners - translation, SMB's have access to "certified" practitioners to assist them in implementimg the most viable "IT Methodology" solutions in the industry.

Our Origin

QAIassist began in 2006 with the belief that SMB's should be able to realize the same benefits large organizations derive by leveraging IT Methodologies. In today's trying business climate it is becoming more and more evident that our original premise was correct - more than ever SMB's are seeking to increase their operational performance, competitive advantage and bottom line.


What started as an idea to provide scalable affordable IT Methodologies for small and mid-sized businesses has grown into being known as the pioneer of SMB IT Methodology. Our IT Methodology products, certification and body of knowledge are recognized as industry leading - we do make IT Methodologies indispensable to small and mid-sized business. Our IT Methodology products and business solutions are relied upon by SMB's around the globe, our "IT Methodology Body of Knowledge" is the benchmark used for SMB "IT Methodology" certification, QAIassist practitioners continue to deliver value and operational efficiencies to SMB's.

Our IT Methodologies and "certifications" act as the benchmark SMB's rely on to:

    * Decrease operational costs
    * Increase IT staff performance
    * Increase workforce effectiveness
    * Consistently deliver projects one time and within budget
    * Deliver new products and services to market faster
    * Manage business process change initiatives with greater agility

Our audience continues to expand and we take pride in making our QAIassist IT Methodologies and body of knowledge available to SMB's, QAIassist practitioners, and Authorized Affiliates. Our QAIassist Foundation® certification continues to be the benchmark of IT Methodology designations as we continue to develop and share our IT Methodology webinars, white papers, courseware and blog articles.



Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Integrated Methodologies
* Project Management
* Software Development
* Software Testing

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