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As SMB's strive toward greater operational efficiencies they continue to rely on IT Methodologies to assist them in the delivery of their products, services and day to day operations.

At QAIassist we recognize each and every SMB is unique and faces specific challenges to retain its efficiencies and competitive advantage. We also recognize that one "IT Methodology" solution does not fit every organization - one SMB organization may benefit by having their own "QAIassist Foundation" resources, another SMB organization may derive greater value by having a resource trained on one specific QAIassist IT Methodology, another SMB organization may derive the greatest value leveraging the expertise of a "certified" QAIassist practitioner on a short term contractual basis.

We have defined and structured our QAIassist IT Methodology courses accordingly. As a result, SMB organizations and practitioners have the flexibility to select courses that will deliver direct, immediate and specific results.

Course Number Course Name File Type
Gen010 SMB IT Methodology - Context & Overview Download PDF
PM010 Project Management Methodology Download PDF
SD010 Software Development Methodology Download PDF
ST010 Software Testing Methodology Download PDF






We provide our "QAIassist IT Methodology Courses" in both private and public environments - to find out more on how you or your organization can benefit from our industry recognized IT Methodology certification (QAIassist Foundation) or our specialized IT Methodology courses contact us at: courses@qaiassist.com

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