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QAIassist Users

All QAIassist IT Methodology offerings are used to increase the operational performance and bottom line of small and mid-sized (SMB's) businesses. They are scaleable to ensure a customized IT Methodology solution is available to meet the unique and specific (costing and delivery) needs of each and every user.


Small Business

Due to the unrelenting competitiveness of the marketplace, small businesses must rely on ingenuity and nimbleness to remain profitable. In many cases the difference between success and failure is determined by the efficiency of their IT resources and their ability to deliver and support business goals, product devlopment and operations. Small businesses rely on QAIassist products to deliver "value" - they depend on the expertise and professional delivery and support provided by QAIassist practitioners and "Authorized Affiliates".


Mid-Sized Business

Due to greater demands to do more with less, mid-sized organizations are assessing how they can better deliver products and services both internally and to their clients. Frequently, this exercise leads to a re-evaluation of how IT is delivering and supporting the business goals and operations. Mid-sized business' utilize QAIassist products to implement IT Methodology solutions from an enterprise-wide perspective.  They rely on QAIassist practitioners and "Authorized Affiliates" to deliver a holistic and measurable IT Methodology solution that consistently delivers and supports organizational business goals and operations.   

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