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As the pioneer of SMB IT Methodology, we have first hand experience with how SMB's are leveraging QAIassist products and "certified" practitioners.

In one case an SMB can increase the quality of its products by utilizing our QAIassist Software Testing Methodology, in another case an SMB gets their products to market quicker by applying our QAIassist Software Development Methodology, in other cases SMB's rely on our QAIassist Project Management Methodology to ensure a common organizational process is used to deliver products, services and operational performance. For each and every one of these SMB's they have turned to QAIassist to help them identify and implement an IT Methodology solution that will contribute to their efficiency, culture and bottom line.

We couple the robustness and scalability of QAIassist IT Methodologies with the skills and knowledge base of Certified QAIassist practitioners to ensure SMB's receive an affordable solution that continually delivers value. Our practitioners are trained and well versed in customizing and implementing all of the QAIassist Methodologies to ensure SMB's are more equipped to deliver their products, services and operational efficiency.

The depth and duration of implementing one or more QAIassist IT Methodology is dependent on the size of the organization, the number of resources that will have to be trained to implement the solution, and the number of operational staff that will have to be supported once the solution has been implemented - to find out more about how certified QAIassist practitioners can guide and support the implementation of your QAIassist IT Methodology solution please contact us at : solutions@qaiassist.com

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