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Prior to acquiring and implementing an IT Methodology, SMB's seek the experience and advice of a qualified IT Methodology expert - the first step is to acquire an assessment of how effectively their existing IT Methodology is contributing to the business goals and the day to day operational efficiency of their organization.

As the pioneer of SMB IT Methodology, QAIassist IT Methodologies and certified practitioners are the most trusted in the industry - we offer a formal "certification" (QAIassist Foundation) designation for practitioners that have demonstrated their experience, subject matter expertise, and passing of a formal examination. "Certified QAIassist practitioners" are able to share their IT Methodology knowledge and expertise to assess an SMB's existing IT Methodologies and provide recommendations of where and how the SMB could derive additional benefits. In some cases that translates into modifying some of the existing IT Methodology practices, in other cases it translates into introducing new methodology products and practices.

The depth and duration of every IT Methodology assessment is dependent to the unique and specific characteristics of each SMB - to find out more about how certified QAIassist practitioners can provide you an assessment of your existing IT Methodology capability please contact us at : solutions@qaiassist.com

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