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As the pioneer in developing and supporting SMB "IT Methodology" we recognize the importance of ensuing SMB's and QAIassist practitioners have access to the the most up to date and effective training possible. To accomplish this we rely on education and training firms that have a proven track record of excellence in transferring subject matter knowledge to course attendees.

We work with reputed education providers in the delivery and oversight of our QAIassist IT Methodology courseware - this includes the delivery of our "QAIassist Foundation" course. We provide technical and delivery support to our QAIassist Authorized Education Provider Affiliates - our goal is to ensure QAIassist provides the most effective training to SMB's and practitioners.

The following represent a list of QAIassist Authorized Education Provider Affiliates

three O Project Solutions® provides project management training and consultation services specializing in the area of software development. They offer customized training in several areas and also sell a PMP exam preparation product, AceIt, that project managers around the world have used to prepare them for their PMP certification exam.



To find out more about becoming a QAIassist Authorized Education Provider Affiliate or how a QAIassist Authorized Education Provider Affiliate can provide assistance with your training needs, please contact us at affiliate@qaiassist.com.

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