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We are QAIassist

As the pioneer of "SMB IT Methodologies" we aspire to provide the forum, knowledge, and solutions SMB's and practitioners rely on to consistently deliver outstanding products, services and operational performance. > Tell me more

Our Integrated IT Methodologies®

QAIassist Integrated IT Methodologies incorporate the three (project management, software development, software testing) primary IT Methodologies. They provide SMB's and practitioners a scalable suite of processes and deliverables they can leverage to consistently deliver products, services and day to day operations on time and within budget.

Our "IT Methodology BOK"

QAIassist "IT Methodology Body Of Knowledge (BOK)" is the standard being applied across the SMB landscape. We pride ourselves in making sure our BOK continues to evolve and is available to SMB's and practitioners. We continually share content of our BOK through the creation and delivery of webinars, courseware, white papers and blog articles.

Our "Certification"

We certify "IT Methodology" practitioners - our QAIassist Foundation® designation ensures practitioners are able to assist SMB's in the viability, customization and implementation of QAIassist "IT Methodologies" and "Body of Knowledge".

Our Insights

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QAIassist and You

Whether you're a corporate stakeholder seeking to implement organizational process, a project manager aiming to deliver a project, a business analyst incorporating business requirements, a developer creating code, a tester verifying results or a PMO resource delivering organizational change we have the IT methodologies and body of knowledge you can rely on to further your knowledge, organization, career and ability to make a difference.

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