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As the merit and benefits of our QAIassist IT Methodology and Body of Knowledge continue to be realized by small and mid-sized businesses (SMB's) around the globe we continue to receive requests to deliver and support a growing client base.

Our continued expansion has been based on the combination of having the premier IT Methodology products and providing the training, body of knowledge, and support to ensure practitioners can effectively deliver affordable and scalable IT Methodology solutions within the SMB community. The result, SMBs are enjoying increases in operational performance, competitive advantage and bottom line through the successful implementation of QAIassist IT Methodologies.

In an ongoing effort to ensure SMB clients continue to receive the best products, the best delivery and the best support we strive to ensure SMB's have access to local expertise. We are always on the look out to find individuals that can help coordinate the delivery and support of the best SMB IT Methodologies in the market place - we use the following criteria to assess the viability of potential candidates :

  • have attained a university degree and/or ongoing formal training from a recognized IT Association or Technical Institute
  • minimum of 5 years experince working as an IT practitioner or business consultant
  • experience in IT Methodology, IT lifecycles (project management, software development, software testing), performance improvement, process re-engineering, cost reduction, organization design (re-design), and other transformation initiatives
  • expertise in guiding or contributing to successful implementation of industry recognized (ie CMM-I, CMM-P, SW/CMM, ITIL, Six Sigma, ISO, etc) process improvement and quality frameworks
  • QAIassist Foundation certification

We are always seeking the "best of the best" - to find out more about how you could join the QAIassist team contact us at : team@qaiassist.com

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