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Our success in providing QAIassist IT Methodologies to small and mid-sized business is dependent on the skill, knowledge and expertise of QAIassist practitioners.

All certified QAIassist practitioners have earned a degree or diploma from an institute of higher learning, all have gained a minimum of "hands on" experience with designing, developing and implementing information technology solutions, all have attended a requisite number of formal QAIassist training classes, all have taken and passed a QAIassist examination that distinguishes them as experts in SMB IT Methodology and the suite of QAIassist IT Methodologies. As a result, SMB's rely on QAIassist practitioners to assist in the delivery, customization and support of QAIassist IT Methodology solutions.

The QAIassist Foundation designation is recognized across the industry, individuals earning this designation establish themselves as trained professionals with a thorough understanding of information technology methodologies and how they can be leveraged to help organizations increase their operational efficiencies, competitive advantage, and bottom line.

If you are interested in obtaining more information on becoming a QAIassist practitioner it can be found at > QAIassist Certification

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