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Practitioner Support

Earning the distinction as the industry leader of SMB IT Methodologies does not happened by chance.

Although our SMB IT Methodology products are the most scalable, applicable and affordable tools available within the SMB community they are only one part of the equation - SMB's could not derive the benefit and ROI from these products without the expertise and skill of QAIassist practitioners. We recognize the more we do to assist and support QAIassist practitioners the more effective they will be in delivering value driven IT Methodology solutions to SMB's.

In our ongoing effort to support QAIassist practitioners we strive to

  • ensure QAIassist products and business solutions are the leading edge of SMB IT Methodologies
  • create and deliver the most effective IT Methodology training in the industry
  • maintain and apply the industry recognized criteria for "certifying" SMB IT Methodology practitioners
  • promote the QAIassist Foundation designation - professional development
  • provide ongoing technical and functional support of all QAIassist products and business solutions
  • identify and establish affiliations with organizations that can assist practitioners in the implementation of solutions

To find out more about becoming a QAIassist practitioner and implementing IT Methodology solutions to SMB's, please contact us at practitioners@qaiassist.com.

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