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Software Testing Methodology®

Frequently, projects fall behind schedule during development - this results in shortening the amount of time and effort available to test the user functionality. Applications are routinely "thrown over the fence" to the Quality Assurance and Testing resources with the expectation that the application is going into production on a specific date. Testing that was originally scheduled to take one month gets whittled down to one week and applications are migrated into the production environment without thorough testing. The result, an unstable application requiring additional rework and re-testing. In almost every case, these deficiencies could be alleviated by applying rigor to the testing discipline to ensure applications released into the production environment meet the business needs and specifications before they are migrated into the production environment.

The QAIassist Software Testing Methodology® provides QA managers/leads, analysts, programmers and testers the structure and deliverables required to ensure the application being delivered adheres to authorized requirements and specifications - it is applicable for both development and maintenance environments.

The QAIassist Software Testing Methodology® is scalable to meet the specific needs of SMB's and offers a robust set of software testing templates and sample deliverables - it is fully compatible with all industry leading project management tools.

Click on the following link to access the inventory of > Visit our Software Testing "sample" deliverables

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