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Tool Vendors

SMB's and QAIassist practitioners have come to rely on and trust the products and services available through our QAIassist "Authorized Affiliates". In having access to these productivity tools, SMB's and QAIassist practitioners are better able to scale and customize an "IT Methodology" solution that best fits their needs.

We work to identify and establish synergies with industry leading productivity tool vendors to assist in the delivery of our QAIassist IT Methodology solutions. In having access to these productivity tools, SMB's and QAIassist practitioners are better able to customize the appropriate IT Methodology solution.

The following represent our list of QAIassist Authorized Tool Vendor Affiliates


Project Management Software
Project Insight®, leading project management software for the mid-market developed by Metafuse, Inc. It brings project teams and management teams together to collaborate on projects in real-time, whether across the globe or street. Project Insight project management software solutions and training services help organizations operate more efficiently and productively. This combined with responsive customer service is what makes Project Insight a leading provider of online project management software in the market.

Data Kinetics Limited
DataKinetics® is the industry leader in critical information systems optimization. DKL’s products enable the Fortune 500s’ mainframe applications to achieve superior performance gains, capacity, and scale—by optimizing mission-critical applications instead of replacing systems. The result is distinct competitive advantage in support of the business’ goals.

Intuit Quickbase® provides online database software providing clients with an easy way to take advantage of software as a service (SaaS). Online database software allows you to store business critical information in web database software, where it's easily accessible by all team members. This increases team collaboration and improves team efficiency and communication. QuickBase combines the power of a web database program with customizable database application solutions designed to meet your most pressing business needs.

To find out more about becoming a QAIassist Authorized Tool Vendor Affiliate or how a QAIassist Authorized Affiliate can contribute to your IT methodology need, please contact us at affiliate@qaiassist.com.

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