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QAIassist IT Methodology Certification

At QAIassist we recognize the importance of information technology (IT) and how it has become a fixture small and mid-sized businesses (SMB's) rely on to help deliver their products, services and operational efficiencies.

As the pioneer of SMB IT Methodolgy we understand the significance in having qualified resources able to understand, support, and implement QAIassist SMB IT Methodologies - we also understand our obligation to ensure practitioners of our QAIassist IT Methodologies have access to effective training and a certified methodology professional.

QAIassist certification (QAIassist Foundation) is based on an individual acquiring knowledge (formal courses plus experience) of QAIassist IT Methodologies, displaying that knowledge by passing a formal examination, and maintaining that knowledge through continued education and experience.

Upon achieving certification, QAIassist IT Methodology practitioners are able to assess how an organization could derive value from the implementation of a QAIassist IT Methodology, determine how the IT Methodology could be scaled and customized to deliver greater efficiencies and a positive ROI, and contribute to the planning and implementation of the required IT Methodology.

Our QAIassist Foundation certification is unique in the SMB world, so are QAIassist certified practitioners.




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