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"QAIassist Foundation" ®

The "QAIassist Foundation" is recognized as the leading and most reputed SMB IT Methodology certification. Recognized as experts in the field of SMB IT Methodology, certified practitioners are able to provide SMB's the expertise they require to successfully assess and implement IT Methodology solutions - SMB's are able to leverage the IT Methodology solutions to better deliver their products, services and operational efficiencies.

An individual must be able to demonstrate they have had acquired a formal diploma or degree from a recognized college or university and/or be able to demonstrate they have had practical "hands on" experience working with Information Technology (IT) at a reputable corporation.

The candidate must attend and participate in a 4 day session of classroom instruction and pass a formal examination. The courses presented during the four days include

SMB IT Methodology - Context & Overview

QAIassist Project Management Methodology

QAIassist Software Development Methodology

QAIassist Software Testing Methodology

A formal examination is written on the final afternoon of the four day session under the tutelage of the instructor - it is based on the content presented during the classroom sessions. Once completed, each formal examination is forwarded to QAIassist where it undergoes evaluation - individual examination results are made available to those writing the examination. A minimum mark of 80% is required for an individual to receive a QAIassist Foundation designation.

Why QAIassist Foundation ?
With a growing demand for professionals possessing IT project management methodology, software development methodology and software testing methodology skills the QAIassist Foundation has become the preferred certification program of practitioners and SMB organizations. QAIassist combines the achievement of passing a comprehensive examination with the recognition of work and educational experience, providing practitioners with credibility in the marketplace. QAIassist Foundation translates into higher earning potential and career advancement as the leading SMB IT Methodology certification.

To find out more about "QAIassist Foundation" and how it can benefit you and your organization contact us at : foundation@qaiassist.com




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