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As pioneers of SMB IT Methodology we make an ongoing effort to provide SMB IT methodology information and knowledge to QAIassist practitioners.

We take an active roll in creating and sharing our knowledge and expertise with practitioners around the world. We do this in several ways including the creation and delivery of QAIassist IT Methodology webinar sessions. We work to co-host these webinars with our "Authorized Affiliates" - these webinar sessions can be viewed live or accessed online through our "Authorized Affiliates" web sites.

Our QAIassist Webinar sessions are recognized as the most relied upon and trusted IT Methodology training sessions throughout the SMB landscape - 1000's of attendees from across the globe have attended and can attest to that. We invite you to search the inventory of QAIassist IT Methodology webinars available through our network of "Authorized Affiliates"

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We limit the distribution and delivery of our QAIassist IT Methodology webinars to our "Authorized Affiliates" - to find out more about becoming a QAIassist "Authorized Affiliate" and co-hosting a QAIassist IT Methodology webinar session contact us at: affiliates@qaiassist.com

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